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PEGylation of Oligonucleotides and Peptides

A major problem in developing oligonucleotide and peptide therapeutics is their relatively short half-lives in the body. PEGylation has emerged as a useful technique in overcoming this problem. We offer PEGylation services for proteins, oligonucleotides, peptides or any molecule with a suitable functional group or linker.

PEGylation Agent Analysis

The quality of PEGylating agent has a direct impact on the quality of the PEGylated biomolecules. We can assist you in selecting the PEGylating agents that are best suited for your needs by performing in-depth analysis of products from different vendors.

PEGylated Biopolymer Analysis

The PEGylation of biopolymers, while useful in extending their half-lives, brings about other challenges. Unlike natural biopolymers, PEG is polydispersed. Common analytical techniques such as HPLC or LC-MS are inadequate in providing useful information. The high molecular weights of these molecules can also promote aggregation. Our SEC-MALLS system is uniquely suited for analyzing PEGylated polymers. Useful information such as the degree of PEGylation and aggregation can be obtained in a single chromatographic analysis. This technique can also be used to monitor PEGylation of large macromolecules.

In addition, we have the capability of using multiple detection modes (UV, RI and MALLS) so that we can maximize the amount of information obtained from a single sample injection.

Peroxide Determination

Another challenge of PEGylated biopolymers is the propensity of the PEG moiety to form peroxides which eventually causes self-destruction by oxidative degradation of the polymer backbone and potentially, degradation of the drug itself. If the PEGylated biopolymer is not properly handled, high concentrations of peroxide can form. As peroxide formation precedes degradation, peroxide content determination can serve as an early indicator of instability long before it is detectable by other commonly used analytical techniques (HPLC, LC-MS). Accugent has developed several peroxide determination methods which may be customized for your class of drug. These methods may then be used to assist you in selection of excipients, optimizing manufacturing processes, as well as development of storage and handling conditions to yield drug products with the desired shelf life.

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Updated January 7, 2013
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