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What makes us unique?

The principals of Accugent have decades of research experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. They have played key roles in the discovery and development of many classes of pharmaceuticals, several of which have been approved as marketed drugs.

At Accugent, your project will be executed and managed by seasoned Ph.D. scientists, not technicians. The lead scientists will perform the hands-on experiments; interpret the results; communicate the findings in a timely manner and plan the next steps with input from you.

We are chemists who genuinely enjoy doing chemistry. Chemistry is not just a business. It is life!

We understand that your timelines are often very tight. We do not have a complex management structure so we can respond to your needs in a timely manner. Once you contact us, we quickly assess the problem at hand and work with you to develop a scope of work. Once agreed upon, the experiments will be done quickly and efficiently while we communicate frequently with you. That’s it… no drama…just get the job done.

Being research scientists ourselves, we are acutely aware that early stage development compounds, especially those that have not been scaled up, are difficult to come by. To conserve your precious compounds, we have championed microtechniques which allow us to quickly and effectively develop formulations and/or perform analysis. Whenever we can, we use instruments that provide us the maximum information from the least amount of sample.

We are constantly on the lookout for unmet analytical needs. Part of our growth strategy is to develop novel reagents and analytical techniques to address these needs.



Ming Fai Chan, D.Phil., President and Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Chan is a seasoned research scientist with decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He previously held research and management positions at Allergan, Abbott Laboratories, ImmunoPharmaceutics and NewBiotics.

As a founding member of the prostanoid research team at Allergan, Dr. Chan spearheaded the chemistry effort that eventually led to the discovery of Bimatoprost, the active ingredient of the antiglaucoma drug Lumigan®.

Dr. Chan was instrumental in the discovery of the selective ETA antagonist Sitaxsenten, having established and led the chemistry effort since its inception. Sitaxsenten is currently marketed by Pfizer (Thelin®) as a treatment for pulmonary hypertension in Canada, Australia and many European countries.

Since the late 1990's, Dr. Chan has focused his research effort to bridge analytical and organic chemistry. This effort culminated in the founding of Accugent Laboratories in 2004. Accugent Laboratories is dedicated to developing cutting edge methodologies and reagents to solve unmet analytical challenges in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Dr. Chan obtained his doctorate degree in organic chemistry from Oxford University under Prof. J.E. Baldwin, FRS. His did post-doctoral research at Harvard University with Nobel laureate Prof. E.J. Corey and at Stanford University with the late Prof. W.S. Johnson. Dr. Chan has co-authored more than 35 research papers in refereed journals and is the inventor or co-inventor of 38 US patents and numerous foreign patents.

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